Fresh Veggies Home Delivered in Compostable Bags

9 December 2019

Liz Tregidga with some of her super fresh veggies packed in compostable bags

Clevedon Herbs & Produce Ltd is making it really easy for people across New Zealand to enjoy freshly picked vegetables and reduce their use of plastic at the same time.

The long-standing family farming operation started using ready-made EcoClear compostable bags in August for their weekly home deliveries, and are now using it in three Auckland farmers’ markets.

Director Liz Tregidga says the EcoClear bags have been well received by her customers, and she has received several excited reports about how well they break down in home composts.

Liz says, “Everyone loves them and are really happy that we are offering compostable bags. The bags are very reasonably priced, great quality and they keep our veggies really well. I have already encouraged several other growers to use them because they are such amazing bags.”

Initially established in 1983 to grow fancy lettuces for New Zealand supermarkets, Clevedon Herbs & Produce now focuses on supplying a wide range of fresh herbs and produce direct to customers. They offer weekly door to door deliveries of fresh vegetables in insulated boxes throughout New Zealand and sell face to face in the Auckland area to customers at their Clevedon farm and at the weekly weekend farmers’ markets in Clevedon, Howick and Mairangi Bay.

Clevedon Herbs & Produce grow everything from seed themselves and only use organic sprays. Their farm is located in the Wairoa Gorge, 5 minutes from Clevedon Village and 40 minutes south east of Auckland City.

Liz says, “We really care about what we do and are passionate about giving customers good quality fresh produce and trying to do right by the environment. Our driving force for using EcoClear bags is that we want to be environmentally-responsible while still ensuring that our veggies stay really fresh, for as long as possible.”

The high clarity and moisture-resistant EcoClear bags were specifically developed by Convex New Zealand Ltd to provide a cost effective eco-friendly solution for packing fresh salad greens. It’s low oxygen and moisture barriers make it ideal for packing fresh produce that require a shelf life of less than 10 days. The base raw material used to make the bags is certified to the European and Australian home compostable standards: OK Compost Home and AS5810.

Clevedon Herbs & Produce use EcoClear bags for a range of leafy greens and for value packs of seasonal vegetables like beans and peas.

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