The high barriers and robust sealing provided by Econic® packaging will help lock in the taste and freshness of cereal.

Econic packaging works well for flow wrap applications and provides the same functionality as traditional fossil fuel-based films with the added advantage of being home compostable – making it the ideal environmentally-responsible packaging choice.

Our multiple award-winning eight-colour custom-printing will help add impact of cereal by boosting its branding and shelf appeal.

Hear what our customers have to say!

“The high moisture, oxygen and sealing barriers provided by EconicClear have allowed us to maintain our stringent quality control requirements, while staying true to our brand values. This new home-compostable pouch is an exciting step towards reducing the amount of plastic being sent to landfill.”

– Noel Josephson, Managing Director, Ceres Organics, Auckland, New Zealand Read more

  • Optional home compostable zip lock closures are available for cereal. Find out more about Compostable Zip Lock Closures here
  • Find out more about Econic® packaging performance here
  • Please contact us to request a sample pack here