Econic is available in a range of pack options as both ready-made bags and rewind film for form, fill and seal production lines. The film and finished pack shape can be customised to suit the functionality, processing and barrier requirements of most dry food items and can include features such as compostable zip seal closures, bottom gussets, four side seals, tear notches, angle seals, hang sells and degassing valves for fresh roasted coffee.

Customised Bags and Rewind Film

Econic can be made to order in a variety of sizes to suit the functionality and aesthetics required for specific products, brands, production lines and packing processes. Our constantly evolving Econic range includes EconicClear and EconicKraft.

EconicClear has been purpose-designed to help boost the branding and shelf appeal of dry goods, such as pet biscuits and cereals, by allowing consumers to view the packaged product. It provides the same high oxygen barrier as standard Econic and a lower, more moderate, moisture barrier. It is not suitable at this stage for products requiring a high moisture barrier, like coffee and drinking chocolate. EconicClear is available as ready-made bags and rewind, with a gloss or matt finish and varying degrees of clarity.

EconicKraft offers a winning combination of internal metalized high oxygen and moisture barrier properties with  a natural-looking `paper’ outer. It can be surface-printed and is ideal for dry foods and storage environments.

All our Econic offerings can be custom printed with our multiple-award winning high quality eight-colour flexographic printing, which has won us 14 gold medals in the prestigious New Zealand printing industry Pride in Print Awards and numerous silver and highly commended awards in both New Zealand and Australia.

Econic rewind and customised printing, sizes and features are available on request here.

Custom Printed Trade Aid Chocolate and Ceres Organics Quinoa pack

Custom Printed Trade Aid Chocolate Econic wrappers and Ceres Organics EconicClear pack (Click to enlarge)

Easy Low Risk Trials

Trialling Econic packaging is really easy and economical. We can provide you with plain packs that you can trial in the marketplace with no upfront investment required for artwork or printing. All you need to do is add your company label to the packs and see what your customers say. Our technical team are happy to help you trial the packs through your supply chain and will advise you on the best way to seal and pack to suit your production process. You can contact our technical team here

Free Samples

If you like the sound of Econic for your business and want to see it for yourself, and maybe even test how it breaks down in your compost, we are happy to send you a free sample pack. You can order your free sample pack here

Plain Ready-Made Bags

Plain Econic packs are ideal for businesses wanting an economical high quality compostable pack. You can add your own label and do your own filling and sealing. Econic packs are available off-the-shelf as plain 250g, 500g and 1kg ready-made bags in matt black and our popular EconicKraft  Econic rewind and customised printing, sizes and features are available on request here.

Please note: If you are putting non-compostable labels on plain Econic bags you will need to peel these off before composting the bag.

Available Styles:

  • Econic – Matt Black (250g size only)
  • EconicKraft

Kraft Econic® plain pack

EconicKraft plain pack (Click to enlarge)

Optional Special Features

  • Compostable Zip Lock Closures –Widely believed to be the world’s first compostable zip-lock closure, these convenient closures make it easy for users to open and close the bags, and protect the contents from spills and moisture. Available for bottom-gusset applications with a minimum opening of 100mm. If you have any questions about how these closures will work on your bags please contact our technical team here.
  • Degassing Valves – Venting valves can be added to Econic packs to release the gasses generated by fresh ground coffee and beans. We recommend that you let fresh roasted coffee rest before packing if possible. Our technical team are happy to help you trial the packs through your supply chain and will advise you on the best way to pack to suit your roasting process. You can contact our technical team here.

Other Compostable Packaging Options

Econic is one of several compostable packaging options developed and/or manufactured by Convex. To view our other compostable packaging options please click here.