Meat and Moist Products

A moisture-resistant version of Econic®Clear packaging is available for meat and other moist products that require a short shelf life of approximately 10 days. Our technical team can help you develop or select an EconicClear film that will suit your product and packing requirements, including vacuum-packing.

Since moisture levels, production processes and handling conditions can vary quite considerably, a home compostable pack for any meat or moist product will need to be thoroughly tested to ensure it won’t start breaking down prematurely. This testing process will confirm the recommended shelf life for your specific product packed in EconicClear packaging.

Because water is one of the catalysts for the natural composting process, packing moist products in EconicClear packaging for long periods is not recommended.

Hear what our customers have to say!

“We particularly like the strength, sealing quality, good print quality and really clear substrate provided by the packs. They give us good presentation and low losses. They are also helping us get rid of plastic out of our supply chain.”

-Mat Aries, owner of The Organic Farm Butchery, Hastings, New Zealand

  • Optional home compostable zip lock closures are also available. Find out more about home compostable zip lock closures here
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  • Please contact us to request a sample pack here