Econic Now Being Printed with Certified Home Compostable Ink

January 18, 2024

Certified home compostable inks are now being used to print all EconicClassic, EconicClear and EcoClear packaging, including Hotel at Home pillows.

The Econic packaging range is made in New Zealand by Convex New Zealand to help businesses minimise their impact on the environment. Using compostable inks has helped Convex assist several businesses to obtain home compostable certification for their full completed packs.

Convex Managing Director, Owen Embling says, “Even though the inks we previously used were proven to be safe for the environment, the certified inks provide our customers with an added layer of security and also help speed up the certification process for their completed bags.”

The compostable guidelines for official certification include very clear percentage specifications as to how much ink the finished pack can have, which still apply to certified home compostable inks. The allowable ink coverage can vary depending on the size, shape, seals, and thickness of the pack, which can make it complex to work out.

Owen says, “Our team has a lot of experience guiding customers through the certification process and calculating the allowable ink coverage for their specific packaging. This has helped several of our customers get their packaging certified, and others to confidently commence that journey. Our goal is to make it simple for our customers to get their packaging certified and we are very pleased to see that happening.”

Convex is currently using eco-friendly water-based inks to print EconicKraft and EconicSnow packs, which have paper outers, and these inks are expected to be certified soon as well.