The high barriers and robust sealing provided by Econic® will help lock in the taste and freshness of a wide range of dry food products including seeds, nuts, baking ingredients, dried fruit, and pet biscuits.

Econic® works well for flow wrap applications and provides the same functionality as traditional fossil fuel-based films with the added advantage of being compostable – making it the ideal environmentally-responsible packaging choice.

Our high clarity Econic®Clear film is also available for packing dry goods such as pet biscuits and cereals. Specifically developed to boost branding and shelf appeal by allowing consumers to view the packaged product, Econic®Clear provides the same high oxygen barrier as standard Econic® and a lower, more moderate, moisture barrier. Econic®Clear is not suitable at this stage for products requiring a high moisture barrier.

Our multiple award-winning eight-colour custom-printing will help add impact to your sustainably-packed dry food products by boosting their branding and shelf appeal.

Hear what our customers have to say!

“I was always on the lookout for a suitable eco-friendly pack but I wasn’t able to find anything until I saw Econic® … I worry about the amount of waste we put out and how it affects the environment, and many of my customers have similar views …”

“It’s all about taste and flavour for us. Being able to minimise our impact on the environment by using compostable packs just makes it so much better.”

– Craig McKenzie – Grounded Pleasures, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia Read more




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