General Questions
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How do I purchase Econic® packaging?

Can I trial some Econic® bags before I commit to purchase them?

What is the minimum order quantity for ready-made bags?

What kind of technical support do you provide?

Do you ship overseas?

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Do Econic® packs provide the same barriers as my current bags?

Do Econic® packs seal the same as standard bags?

Can we seal Econic® packaging on our existing equipment?

Can we use Econic® for form, fill seal production lines?

Can we run Econic® rewind film on our existing equipment?

I pack fresh roasted coffee. How do you stop the bags puffing up as the gas is released?

Can we get a clear Econic® pack so consumers can view what's inside?

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What is Econic® packaging made from?
Is the completed Econic packaging structure certified compostable?

How long does it take for Econic® bags to break down in the compost?

What would happen if I bury my used Econic® bags in my garden? Will they break down?

Is the bag 100% compostable?

Is Econic® packaging 100% renewable?

Are the inks and adhesives safe for the environment?

What about air miles?

Do you have any other sustainable packaging options in addition to Econic®

Custom Printing
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Can you print my branding on Econic® bags?

What is the minimum order quantity for custom printed bags?

Can you print multiple varieties?

What is the lead-time for custom printed bags?