Compostable Certification

April 9, 2018

A selection of customised Econic packaging.

We are often asked if our Econic packaging is certified compostable. The films we use to make Econic are certified. The majority of all our completed Econic bags and rewind are made from renewable resources and meet the international guidelines for composability. 

Because we specialise in customising Econic, the completed packaging structure has not been officially certified. This allows us to tailor the material mix in each finished bag or film to suit the functionality and aesthetics required for specific products, brands, production lines and packing processes.

Econic is also constantly evolving to include different design features, barrier properties and compostable raw material improvements as they become available. This can cause some structure variations even in our standard stock lines.

So, in essence – while our technical team works hard to make sure the material mix used to make all our Econic bags and rewind falls within the accepted international composability guidelines – the constantly varying material mix makes certification impractical.

The dynamic nature of Econic means that a compostable certification would only apply to the specific pack that was tested and even a slight customised adaption in any future packs could make that certification invalid. Convex believes that it is better not to certify the completed Econic film structure, rather than risk confusion about which products are certified and which ones are not. We instead provide our customers with detailed information about the make-up of their own specific packs.

We want to be as transparent as possible about the environmental benefits of our packaging and we don’t want to mislead anyone by having a certification that may not apply to all our customised offerings. We also want to be as flexible as possible with our packaging structure design so we can respond quickly when supply lines change and new renewable raw materials become available. We follow robust international testing regimes to ensure that all Econic variants meet recognised compostable packaging guidelines and tests carried out by our technical team have verified they break down in a typical composting environment.

The majority of every Econic bag or wrapper is made from a combination of compostable films derived from sustainably-managed renewable resources. With the exception of the paper-outer on the EconicKraft bags, the films used to make Econic have been individually certified to the European and American compostability standards (EN 13432 and ASTM6400).

Each completed Econic bag or wrapper includes a percentage of compostable non-renewable components derived from petroleum, which can vary due to factors such as ink coverage, film thickness and customised performance adaptions.

We are constantly on the lookout for new compostable raw materials that will allow us to increase the renewable content of Econic. Until then we are committed to make sure the majority of each Econic product is made from renewable resources and that our clients are well informed about how we make their packaging.